Project Details

Bodice and Bustle approached us in need of a fresh modern website, that they could remove and add their own products to.

Having established their needs and requirements, and giving them an understanding of what website would work best for them and how it would operate, we began the concept of their website.

Being a Bridal Boutique, they had numerous Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaids dresses and other products they wanted on their website, therefore we took the time to contact their suppliers for images, download pictures and re-size them so they were the correct dimensions on the page.

Bodice and Bustle wanted a website that they could sell from in the future, so we built them a WordPress site with a product basket function which they could use when they felt ready. This site also allows them to remove and upload images easily when they sell dresses, or add new dresses. We also put on a Twitter feed and added their Testimonials, an important part that they wanted on their website.

With our knowledge and experience we updated and guided Bodice and Bustle through each stage of development and built them the website they had been longing for.

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  • Corporate Identity

  • Design & interface

  • Development

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